Who I am and what I do

Based in the beautiful Hanseatic City of Bremen, I have been a self-employed translator and transcreator since 2013.

I have successfully helped clients from the English-speaking countries communicate in accurate and effective German since 1995.

Just like many competent entrepreneurs, I have a can-do attitude and this means I am able to tackle challenges.

As a language nerd, my great passion is to help you grow your business by providing you with German wow-factor texts—texts that are clearly and convincingly written, linguistically and culturally adapted to your target audience.


Confidentiality is a fundamental part of my business policy. This is why I do not disclose the names of my clients.



My educational background

»»Master’s-level Postgraduate Certificate in Principles and Practice of Translation with Merit
»»(English > German Translation Practice l Applied Translation Theory)
»»City, University of London (School of Arts and Social Sciences), United Kingdom

»»Certificate in Continuing Studies
»»(English > German Translation Practice)
»»City, University of London (School of Arts and Social Sciences), United Kingdom

»»Certified Multilingual Secretary
»»(English <> German l French <> German l Spanish <> German)
»»The Bénédict School International School of Languages, Osnabrück, Germany

»»Fachhochschulreife (University of Applied Sciences Entrance Qualification)
»»(Business studies l Economics l Accounting l Economic geography l German l English l French)
»»Zweijährige Höhere Handelsschule (Commercial College [2 years]), Bremen, Germany


My employment background prior to launching my boutique translation business

»»In-house English > German Translator in the Marketing department of an international company
»»(Medical Technology Industry)
»»Translated or transcreated the following text types: marketing and product brochures, product
»»information, press releases
»»Translated the following text types in close cooperation with the technical manager:
»»data sheets, help files, user and reference manuals

»»Multilingual Secretary
»»(Gas Pipeline Construction Industry | Woodworking Machinery Industry)

»»Personal Assistant
»»(IT Service Industry)


What else might be of interest to you?

My second area of expertise—TravelTourismHospitality—was born out of my passion for traveling, foreign countries and cultures, flora and fauna, picturesque landscapes, and exciting cities.

Apart from translating and transcreating, I enjoy attending professional development events (translation-, marketing-, travel-, tourism-, and hospitality-related), reading (in English and German: quality newspapers, guidebooks, marketing and advertising magazines, books about foreign countries and cultures), cooking, photographing, hiking and biking in the close-by recreation areas, and traveling.



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