What is Transcreation?

Transcreation = Translation + Copywriting + Cultural Consultation

Transcreation consists of three services:

1) Translation
1) (creation of a translation draft which is very close to the source text)

2) Copywriting
2) (linguistic and cultural adaptation of the translation draft = rewriting the translation draft)

3) Cultural Consultation
3) (consultation regarding the respective foreign market, target audience and target culture, the best solution, etc.)

Transcreation is the linguistic and cultural adaptation of your target-language text.

Your target-language text will be tailored to fit your intended audience in a foreign market. The original style and tone as well as the original intent of your source text will be maintained.

Your transcreated message will have the same effect on your new audience as the original one has on the audience in your country.

The goal of transcreation is to get your message across in a positive and interesting way to your foreign readers.

Your target-language text needs to grab your foreign readers’ attention and motivate them to take action.

Transcreation goes far beyond translation, as cultural elements like local customs, values and beliefs, socio-economic context, idioms, humor, etc. need to be taken into account as well.

In order for your transcreator to be able to develop a five-star text (a text that reads like an original piece of writing in the respective target language written by a native speaker copywriter) for you, you will need to provide them with a detailed transcreative brief.

When will you need a transcreation?

When it comes to enhancing your image, positioning your brand, and increasing your sales in a foreign market, a close-to-the-source translation will not be an ideal solution—even if the translation is accurate.

You will always need a transcreation when you want to market and advertise your brand, products or services, your hotel, a travel destination, etc. to a foreign target audience.

How will you benefit? You will receive a compelling and persuasive target-language text that a) sparks your target readers’ interest in your brand, products, services, hotel, or in a particular travel destination and b) encourages your target readers to buy your products or services, make a hotel reservation, make a travel booking, etc.

The following text types require a strategic transcreative approach:

Advertising and marketing collateral ▪ Corporate brochures ▪ Headlines ▪ Hotel brochures ▪ Image brochures ▪ Newsletters ▪ Presentations ▪ Press releases ▪ Product or service brochures ▪ Slogans ▪ Social media content ▪ Taglines ▪ Travel brochures ▪ Web content ▪ …

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