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Sabine Sapp, PGCert | English > German Specialist Translator | Wanfrieder Straße 28 | 28215 Bremen | Germany | E-mail: sabine@sabine-sapp.com

Areas of Expertise

Persuasive German travel and tourism texts that sell memorable bespoke trips to your target audience that appreci- ates the finer things in life

Persuasive German texts that sell memorable stays in ‘a little piece of heaven’—your truly unique hotel

Advertising and marketing texts
Travel brochures and tourist informa-
Web content

Advertising and marketing texts
Guest information
Hotel brochures and descriptions
Web content

German premium texts for…
luxury brands
the luxury travel sector
the luxury hospitality sector

Translation and Transcreation (English > German)
German texts that resonate with your target audience

Advertising and marketing texts
Corporate profiles
Image brochures
Press releases
Product brochures
Web content

Persuasive  German  texts  that  sell  your

unique upmarket products to your brand-conscious and discerning target audience

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