Translation and Transcreation (English > German)

You will receive from me publication-ready German texts that help you stand out in your industry.

Sabine Sapp, PGCert | English > German Specialist Translator | Wanfrieder Straße 28 | 28215 Bremen | Germany | E-mail:

Areas of Expertise

German texts that make your company,
products or services shine and win you
more customers

Texts that win your German-speaking
readers’ hearts and drive travel book-

Persuasive German texts that sell the
luxury accommodation experience

Advertising and marketing texts

Advertising and marketing texts

Advertising and marketing texts

Corporate profiles
Image brochures
Press releases
Product or service brochures
Product or service information
Web content

Travel brochures and tourist informa-


Web content

Guest information

Hotel, guesthouse and vacation
rental brochures and descriptions
Web content

  Editing and Proofreading (German texts in the above mentioned areas of expertise)

Would you like to ensure that your existing German texts are flawless and help you reach your target audience ef-

If so, let me check your texts for clarity, readability, appropriate style, tone and register, correct grammar, spelling
and punctuation, as well as for typing errors.

Note: For quality reasons, I do not offer Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE) services.

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